Hey were famous!

Marc Maron, funny man, stand up comedian, host of the ultra popular podcast WTF, came in for dinner the other night with his lovely girlfriend Jessica. They seemed to like everything and they were both super nice. He gave us a big shout out on his show today, where he interviews Craig Furgusen! If you have not caught his show I highly recommend it, though the language is a little salty so use those earphones if you are at work.


One thought on “WTF!?!?

  1. Billy Kravitz

    Como se dice ‘Ba’ en ingles? Do you have the type of cucina required by, say a deposed, South American dictator, or ruthless Wall Street financier? And may we also arrange for some sort of lighter nourishment for the women? The children eat like pigs, so whatever variety of hot, flesh you throw at them will be sufficient. … je je je solomente un chiste! BUENA SUERTE con su ristorante nuevo y con cucina muy lujo y saboroso!……..BA!

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