Who’s the Man?

Barack Obama. That’s who.

I am not in love with this guy, and some of the stuff he does just confuses the hell out of me, but I must give credit where it is due. During the 2008 campaign he promised to make funds available to start up small business’s. Seems like a no brainer but the government traditionally does not do that. It guarantees loans to existing small business’s but start ups are another matter. It almost never loans money to restaurants, viewing them as too risky. Unless they are part of a corporate chain like McDonalds with proven success records. Even though corporate franchises destroy local economy’s to support multi national corporations.
The current White House administration made good on that promise and put out a few hundred million dollars to use for small business start ups. Long story short: I applied, I got approved and I created 10 jobs and in the first four months of business I have moved more than $60,000 through the local economy, most of that in payroll.

The white house also created very significant tax breaks for equipment and fixture purchases, which I am enjoying. It has also created very serious payroll tax breaks for my workers, who don’t make that much truth be told, but they are good jobs. The GOP has fought those payroll tax breaks very hard because they do not include provisions for the wealthy. Really I’m not making that up.

Aside from our French wine and Belgium beer almost everything we buy comes from within California. Aside from the Home Depot all our building materials come from independent , local suppliers. We have paid over $6,000 in State Sales tax, and way more in City and County fees.

I built my restaurant by myself, with help and money from my friends and family, but the federal government loaned me $100,000 to work with and I used that money to create jobs and pay taxes.

Just sayin.